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Who the heck is Pete?

pete_bio-229x300While writing various pilots for CBS, CW and ABC Family, Pete Goldfinger bumped along working on such iconic and important television shows as MTV’s “Date My Mom”, “Next”, and “Parental Control.” Through all of this, Pete struggled to write his Citizen Kane: a screenplay so robust it would change the way we look at Motion Pictures. What followed arrived in theaters during the summer of 2009 and was called Sorority Row.

Not willing to stop there, Pete further tested the boundaries of innovative filmmaking the following summer with Piranha 3D: the only movie to date where you can see a piranha eating Jerry O’Connell’s penis.

Presently, Pete is on assignment writing a screenplay for Dimension for much of 2014.

Pete is also a sometimes writer for the Huffington Post.

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