All workshops are $325 and meet in the comfort of Pete’s home (in the Studio City area).  All workshops are a total of four classes.


Screenwriting 1/Create Your Own Hybrid:

In this class, students have the option of pursuing either a Screenplay or a Create Your Own project.  The only caveat is that the first class will be an hour longer in order to properly instruct students on how to approach both. See below for information on both of these classes.

Create Your Own:

Students may choose to you  work on an outline for a one-person show or a half hour comedy.  Students may also choose one of the many vehicles for the internet, which they will complete!

Screenplay 1:

Students will take a screenplay logline and build it into a 5-10 pages outline.

No more than 8 students!

Mondays at 7:00PM

September 11th, 18th, 25th October 9th

Advanced Screenwriting:

An ongoing 8 week workshop for writers who have completed Screenwriting 1 or have already completed a workable outline. Each writer works on his/her screenplay with evaluation, notes, and shared inspiration given on a weekly basis (from the teacher and also from the other students).

NOTE: This class is capped at 6 for each class.

Wednesdays  7PM 

September 6th, 20th, October 4th, 18th

Thursdays at 7PM

September 7th, 21st, October 5th, 19th

Friday Morning at 10:30AM

September 8th, 22nd, October 6th, 20th

Sunday Mornings at 10AM:

September 10th, 24th, October 8th, 22nd

Private Instruction:

Pete’s rate is $150 an hour ($125 for current students) for any scripts or consultations. Average time is:

half hour comedy (consultation) = $300

episodic (with consultation) = $400

feature film = $550 (with notes)

feature film = $650 (with consultation)

*Intensives cost $325 for a 4 week course.

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    Pete also conducts sessions via Skype, upon student request.

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