More Testimonials

“I was so thankful I did Goldfinger’s class. He was fantastic. Classes were easy going, fun, informational and professional. He knows his stuff, that is for sure. There was also added value when one of the Scrubs writers (for first 8 seasons) came and listened to our pitches. The class price is crazy cheap which was also a great thrill!” - Hollie M.

“I am so glad I took this workshop. For years I beat myself about not sitting down and writing the script I had in my head. Thanks to Pete and this truly terrific workshop, I now have a finished script! Thank you, Pete!” - Alyson M.

“This class is such a pleasure to come to each week. Pete welcomes us into his home with snacks and warmth and much laughter. Oh yeah, and also, I finally wrote my pilot!” -Todd B.

“Thanks to Pete and this AMAZING workshop, (and my finished script) I now have an agent.” - Britney T.

“I did privates (not a workshop) with my writing partner because we were half way through our project and totally stuck. After two sessions, we knew what we needed and finally were able to finish our pilot. I wish we had been introduced to Pete sooner!” - Lindsey M.

His attention to detail and dedication to not only my idea but my fellow classmates has inspired me.


“My favorite thing about this workshop is how inspired I felt after every class. This is a teacher who really knows his stuff.” - Jen B.

“The class has proved to be a Godsend for me and it really sent me in the right direction. Pete Goldfinger definitely delivered on his promise. I recommend his class to anybody who has an idea for a screenplay or an itch to write anything. Thank you Pete and Tyler (his sexy assistant)." - Paul C.

“Even when my creative tank is empty, his warm home with Keurig coffee and his wife’s fresh baked goods ensures that I never miss a class…” - LeShawn T.

"I learn so much and it's the best part of my week" - Katie R.

“Being a first time writer I had so many idea stacked up in my brain it was overwhelming. Pete helped me narrow it all down to one logline and showed me how to organize my thoughts. His attention to detail and dedication to not only my idea but my fellow classmates has inspired me to complete my script. I would highly recommend Pete’s class to anyone even slightly interested in creating their own material. And, his wife makes really good brownies.” - Sara L.

“I cannot begin to express how rewarding this class has been and how much I admire Pete!! He generously shares his vast knowledge of the screenwriting process; I wish I had found the class sooner! For anyone seeking to learn the tools of the trade, TAKE THIS CLASS!!! Not only will you learn a TON, you will get so much personal attention, individually tailored notes specific to YOUR screenplay, and finish with a tangible, fleshed out treatment! It has been an invaluable experience and I can’t wait for Screenwriting 2!” - Peyton M.

I wish I had found the class sooner! For anyone seeking to learn the tools of the trade, TAKE THIS CLASS!

"I love both classes I’ve taken with Pete, the “Create Your Own” and the sitcom class. I never knew I could write until I took Pete’s “Create Your Own” class and now I’ve written/produced and starred in my first project. It never would have happened if it weren’t for Pete, and I am so, so grateful! I now consider myself a writer because of his class and I feel like that has created more career path possibilities for me. Pete’s an amazing and supportive teacher and makes me feel like I can write anything. Now, I want to create my own projects on a regular basis!" -Courtney C.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to hold these workshops Pete- It’s incredibly rare that someone with your credits and time makes room for new writers and their AMAZING idea’s. Sincerely thank you- and I really hope that you will allow me to study further with you in the future." -Katie T.

PS. Great snacks

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